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Robert Bekkers

Dutch Guitarist in America

The guitar in my life

For as long as I remember l wanted to play the guitar.  Although I was given a sound foundation in music through theory lessons and recorder, French horn and trumpet classes, my real musical heroes were my two uncles who played the guitar. By the time I turned 10 I started reading all the books about guitars I could find at our local library in order to build my first guitar, and began to play!

RB_travelI enrolled in a studio, and my passion for the guitar just took off.  Enabled to to play more serious instruments I began to play and perform with my first bands.  Soon I was eager to take my playing to the next level by enrolling in a Master’s program for classical guitar at the Conservatory of Maastricht. I remember my teachers at the school telling me it would be impossible to get in as that place was for exceptionally talented people. Well, I did it, there I was! 

Before, during and after my formal education, I explored all kinds of styles—blues, singer-songwriting, jazz guitar, flamenco, pop music—and although I enjoyed and appreciated them all, I always returned to my passion, the classical guitar. 

The classical guitar has taken me around the world a few times and now into the DMA program as a student of the extraordinary  artist Eliot Fisk.  Thank you for visiting here, you are invited to roam around on my site.

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